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The tool was created to "[empower] customers with insight into how they are spending time with apps and websites," according to Apple.

1. FamiGuard

The tool also allows parents to monitor and control their children's usage. Here's how:. You can also set up Screen Time through Family Sharing so you can get weekly reports and set limits from your main family organizer device.

  1. How to Track App Usage on iPhone And Limit Screen Time?.
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  3. How to Track iPhone Data Usage: Cellular/Mobile Data Usage Tracking Apps of 12222.

Open the Settings app on the device you want to monitor then tap Screen Time. Tap "Turn On Screen Time. Set up or skip the various Screen Time features. The dashboard shows the data usage in detail through graphs.

As for instance, it displays the leftover data, remaining days and remaining data for each day. Depending on your billing cycle, you can configure the app. It alerts you when you exceed the limit of data usage.

How We Test and Rate the Best Parental Control Apps

It also shows the download bytes as well as upload bytes for each day. BeeData Widget is a lightweight data and Wi-Fi usage tracker app.

How To Limit Screen Time - iPhone & iPad Tutorial & Parental Controls

The widget can enormously help you in controlling the data usage on your device. It monitors the real-time as well as monthly data usage. The monthly summary chart and historical charts show the data usage in detail. With the clean UI and simple, Bytes looks very familiar. Having monitored your daily data usage, it notifies you about the pace with which you are consuming the data.

10 Best App Usage Trackers for iPhone and Android

The widget can be configured to show either daily or monthly data usage. Using the background app refresh feature of your iPhone, it can track the data usage faultlessly. Monitor your data usage more efficiently and never let it go overboard. Data Manager allows you to not just cut down on unnecessary data usage but also lets you check the data speed.

10 Best App Usage Trackers For iPhone And Android

App badge makes it easier to view how much data is left. You can also track the amount of Internet data you use over Wi-Fi. Moreover, you will be able to configure the billing periods and quota limits on a monthly, weekly or custom time basis. These data trackers are highly functional and can significantly control the data usage on your device. What I like about these apps is that they provide real-time data usage and even alert you when you exceed your set target.

So, which one of these apps has found its permanent place on your iPhone?

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  • When you schedule Downtime in Settings, only phone calls and apps that you choose to allow are available. Downtime applies to all of your Screen Time-enabled devices, and you get a reminder five minutes before it starts. App Limits You can set daily limits for app categories with App Limits.

    For example, you might want to see Productivity apps while you're at work, but not Social Networking or Games. App Limits refresh every day at midnight, and you can delete them any time. With Family Sharing, you can share music, movies, apps, and more with family — and it now works with Screen Time.

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    You can view reports and adjust settings for children in your family any time, right from your device. Or if you're new to Family Sharing , tap Set up Screen Time for Family and follow the instructions to add a child and set up your family. You can add family members any time from Family Sharing settings.

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