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This feature also provides you with the proper recording, in clear voice

Dear Admin I am still facing issue in getting the recordings. I am capturing one recording of 5 minutes but it is not coming in the server but as i am capturing 1 minute recording then it is poping up in the server. I am only getting one recording and sometimes no recording is available. Do something on the Name of this app as it is appeared in the application manager as Spy Audio and Spy Video.

The user can easily understand the matter.

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Please think of it. Next release will fix this issue. Kindly follow our facebook page to get notification of any release. Despite internet connection works well, I think it could depend on server but with the previous version of the app, as far as two months ago, everything worked very well. Any suggestion?

Ok admin, just resolved. Properly and well!! Thanks for letting us know. But the command is sent to GCM server google and it takes care of the delivery when it thinks the target device is online, which we dont have any control on. Your settings change impacting it is strange.

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Even after the whatsapp call if I send a Capture Audio it does not record. It takes a random time sometimes a day for the app to again start working correctly. Hi Logal, its a good observation. The app tries to acquire microphone for capturing audio and if its already occupied the app goes silent doing nothing. Hi Vikas, It happens when either there is no data enabled on device, or the app is uninstalled or the app is forced closed by some battery saving app.

I requested a 20 minute recording this morning around am, got the notification and downloaded the file. It has happened several times. Why does the app repeat itself. After you log in and send a request, there is no button anywhere on the website for you to log out. Is that the reason why the app repeats the command. Is there a way to log out of the app? Hi Vikas, I have made a 20 minutes recording request and got the notification and was successful in downloading the captured recording.

But several hours later, the app seemed to have made another recording for 20 minutes without my requesting for it. This has happened many times before. I noticed after sending a request, there is no way to log out of the application. Is this the reason why the request is repeated? Please advise! Hi Elaine, The backend will not send request automatically. It could be that you had pressed on the button twice in which case the second request will be received by mobile after sometime. Submitted to Google Server Successfully there are no upload and received file notifications, maybe one in ten attempts.

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Is it up to the phone, or is something wrong with the app? I suspect the target device doesnt have data enabled all the time. Thats why when the data is enabled all request is sent at once and only recording is sent back to server. Kindly let me know if that is the case. Hello, Thanks for your reply. Submitted to Google Server Successfully. Pretty much the same here. I get every sent request in the logs but only 1 out of about 10 generate a complete email and file to download. What happens if I initiate multiple capture audio requests?

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It will ignore the rest till the first one is processed. Sometimes when the Google Server is loaded the GCM command initiated by you online will not reach device and subsequent command will queue up and all will be pushed to mobile at once when the mobile comes online. I have download remote audio recorder in my brother device bt it was working not. When i open browser its shows send recording audio device in google server. That means either there is no internet on the device or the app is forced closed or even uninstalled.

Have tried multiple times to reinstall but no good.

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Pixel is on Google Fi wireless carrier. Maybe the switching between carriers sprint, Tmobile and US Cellular causes some sort of incompatibility. Although we did try it with another phone running Android 8. Hi Lenny, I have tested in my pixel and pixel 2 and it works. Which stage it gets stuck in? Try recording 20 sec first.

Remote Video Android App — Free. If "Remote Audio" doesn't help recognize where the user is and with whom, Spy Video.

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